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  小学英语日记 1

  it was the first day of our winter holiday. all of us were very happy. why? because we have one months to do things we love to do. we are free. although we have some homework. but we can finish them in several days. and the rest time we can make good use of. my god.

  We have been very tired after hard studying. in winter holidays, i want to have full sleep and eat good food in order to replenish myself. last but not the least, i will have a good rest.

  小学英语日记 2

  A DiaryMay 20,2005Friday SunnyThis evening I went to the KTV with some of my good friends. This was the first time that I had been to a KTV. At first I didn"t want to go.

  I had been in a bad mood the whole afternoon because I didn"t do well in the math exam. At the KTV,everybody sang his favourite songs very happily except me. I was the only one of the audience.

  I didn"t dare to have a try. Because I was afraid that I couldn"t sing well. Encouraged by my classmates,I picked up the microphone and sang an English song "I believe I can fly" I have become cheerful now and above all I"ve regained selfconfidence.

  I believe that the worst enemy in one"s life is oneself. I shouldn"t lose heart just because of one or two failures. Because I still have chances to try.

  小学英语日记 3

  Today I went to the Science Museum with my best friendLily. We went there on foot, because it is not farfromour school.

  We saw many pictures! And we learned many things! There were many parents and their children in it! Most children were students. I think they learnt many things, too. After 2 hours, we left the museum. We got back by bus because we were tired. But we had a good time!

  小学英语日记 4

  I hope my sky is white. It is pure like snow and angle’s wing. I’ll became kind hearted and pure like angel.

  I hope my sky is green. It is filled with life. I’ll become open and clear.

  I hope my sky is red. It is hot, bring passion and light. I’ll become intense.

  I hope my sky is purple. It is gentle. I’ll become polite.

  I hope my sky is blue, calm and nice. I’ll become steaky.

  I hope my sky is diaphanous. It is like crystal. I’ll become pure---hearted.

  I hope m sky is colourful, nice and flowery. I’ll become rich and colourful.

  I hope my sky. I’ll make it more and more beartiful.

  小学英语日记 5

  today, i still went to my mothers office. my mother was very busy, so was my father. they always live in beijing. they must get up early. because they will manage the factory.

  so i know they are very laborious. so i should save my money. also i should help them. although i cant do something useful, but i think i should share the work with them. i am one of my family member. in the future, i will take a job and work. its time for me to begin to learn how to work.

  小学英语日记 6

  Now I have come to my last year of primary school, when I look back on the passed days, I feel that I have grown up. I learn to help my mother with her housework, because I want to relieve her burden. When my fathers comes home after work, I show him all the things happen at school, I want him to know everything about me.

  This is the best me.


  小学英语日记 7

  One Sunday my mom(Mom) had (made) me take my little young brother to the a trip to the country. She bade me take good care of him.

  While we were walking along the road, the sun was shining brightly and the breeze was blowing gently. We saw the beautiful flowers smile (smiling) at us and heard the birds sing (singing) their sweet songs on the trees. The scenery was indeed very pretty (beautiful)。

  When we felt tired, we returned home. We saw Mom (our mother) wait (waiting) for us at the door.

  小学英语日记 8


  Its a nice day today. My sister and I are going to the dinosaur exhibition.


  We first line up to buy tickets, and then follow the instructions of the staff. Wow, Bawa ancient dragon, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus and so on. We also took photos for souvenirs. I smiled happily, and the smile of ghosts hanging all bloomed on the photos.


  Hahaha, Im very happy to have such a good time!

  小学英语日记 9

  I have rested for a week. I began to feel bored. So I went out with my friends. They are my best friends in the middle school. We didn‘t go to someplace special. We just saw the other.

  We had lunch together. While we were having lunch, we were still talking about the new school and new friends. Yes! A year later, we have grown riper. And we learned much more things and got new life. We haven‘t enough time to play, to waste and to lose the way. We only have two years. Two years to go, we will get the real life which belongs to us.

  小学英语日记 10


  Today is my junior year. Im going to rehearse in the sports center. I asked my mother to buy me books.


  In the afternoon, my mother took me to the sports center. We are the fourth program. After our performance, my mother took me to the bookstore. I was dazzled by all kinds of books in the bookstore. At last, I chose four books that I liked.


  After buying the book, I went home with my mother contentedly.

  小学英语日记 11


  Today is an important day. I am about to start my six-year study in primary school.


  New school, new semester, new teacher, new classmate, everything is new. My desire for all knowledge will be turned into a driving force for my study, which will make me strive to go up.


  I will study hard and make progress day by day. I will live up to the expectations of my parents and teachers.


  Try hard! Boy!

  小学英语日记 12

  It was sunny today. I was excited. I got up at a quarter to seven. I made a appointment to meet at nine o’clock. After I had my breakfast, I went to the city center of Beijing. It was cold outside. When I arrived, my friends didn’t arrive. I waited for him in front of the KFC’s door. I haven’t seen them for a year. And in a year, we didn’t come into contact with others frequently.

  About ten minutes left, my friends arrived one by one. After we greeted, we went to the 5-star restaurant to have lunch. The lunch cost us 800 yuan. Oh, dear! They were all very rich, and one was poor.

  小学英语日记 13


  Today, my sister is back. She wants to teach me how to make crafts. We got cardboard, scissors and glue. My sister taught me how to make a pen cylinder. I first cut two big rectangles to make a pen cylinder and a base. Then I cut a small rectangle and two fans to make two pencils together and stand beside the pen cylinder. Then I glued them to the base.


  The pen holder is made. Lets put the pen in. Ha, its really nice.

  小学英语日记 14


  In fact, the most important part of new years Eve is that adults give us lucky money. Almost all the time for lucky money is when we eat dumplings on New Years Eve. We gather together to ask for lucky money by saying hello.


  I used to give the lucky money to my parents, but this time I decided to collect it myself. I want to buy something I want! How would you arrange it?

  小学英语日记 15

  Do you mind being called a bad student? Of course not. So far as I know, everybody intends to be (become) a model student.

  However, to be a model student is by no means an easy thing. First, he must do his best to obtain knowledge. A man without sufficient knowledge will not succeed. Secondly, he must remember to improve his health. Only a strong man can do great tasks. Thirdly, he should receive moral education. If his conduct is not good, no one will consider making friends with him.

  小学英语日记 16

  When I grow up.I don’t want to be like my parents.I don’t want to be like my teacher.I want to be a salesperson.I want to know many foreigner.

  Some years ago.I don’t know a little English.One day,I can’t speak English in Englih class,many classmates are hate me.As a result,I want to be a salesperson.Even thoughe this dream is very small,but I can know many foreigner.

  I can study English with them.And then I can know many English,and I can out of China,run to America.When I grow up.I want to be a special salesperson.

  小学英语日记 17


  My mother told me to get up early this morning. Lets go to Shi Mingyangs family to take us to the green garden and take a tour bus to Luoyang to see the peonies.


  When we arrived in Luoyang, we went to lavender manor first. We saw the man selling wreaths and windmills. Then I asked my mother to buy me wreaths and windmills. We also took pictures with bear and bear, and there were all kinds of windmills in it.

  小学英语日记 18

  It was the third day of our winter holiday. Today, there are many business in my mothers company. So my mother told me to help my uncle who is the manager of my mothers company. I sat in my mothers office and help her answer the telephone.

  While I was free, I was writing my homework. Although I also have a lot of time to do my homework, I still do it.

  Because in my mothers office, I had nothing to do. If I did nothing, I was wasting my time and my life. I cant do the foolish thing. We should take good use of our time.

  小学英语日记 19

  today, my mother took me to learn chinese painting.

  i learned how to draw shrimp with ink, and the teacher said that i would start learning ink painting from now on. ink painting is very difficult. painting shrimp is also very difficult. after that, i have to study hard, practice earnestly and become an excellent student.

  after school, aunt lu came to pick us up. my mother took me to her house for a few minutes.

  my little brother and i watched tv, and my mother urged me to go home and do my homework. yes, i cant just think about playing, dont delay doing homework.

  小学英语日记 20

  the warmth of the sun shot came from the window, as in this potted plant, the flowers appeared to extend the bloom seems to be stretching it. rose vigorous branches, flowers, full, open at the beginning was light yellow, pink gradually changing to do. she diaozhongyan like flowers, can easily survive, such as chrysanthemum, long unbeaten.

  today,i go shopping,i am very happy.my mother give me a pair of shoes .he teld me:i shoud study hard than before.i know studying can make me happy .i must study hard .