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  1、What kind of sunlight can warm my heart. 什么样的阳光能温暖我的心。

  2、I love you not for who you are, but for who I am before you. 我爱你不是因为你是谁,而是我在你面前可以是谁。

  3、There’s no such thing as HAPPY ENDING. It’s just an unfinished story. 其实,世界上压根没有所谓的大团圆结局,都只是未竟的故事罢了。

  4、Pale moonlight, I declare lonely and shadow. 苍白的月光下,我和影子述说寂寞。

  5、One day I will be at the heart proud to tell you things. 有天 我会指着心脏 骄傲的告诉你,这里换人了。

  6、Love is like an hourglass, with the heart filling up as the brain empties. 爱情就像沙漏,心满了,脑子就空了。

  7、I know I am not flattering, so I did not who is cumbersome. 我深知我不讨人喜欢,所以我不曾是谁的累赘。

  8、Don't cry because it is over, smile because it happened. 不要因为结束而哭泣,微笑吧,为你的曾经拥有。

  9、The end of the summer, the who. Memory such as a line, who stumbled. 那年夏末,负了谁。记忆如线,绊了谁。

  10、The soul is not where it lives,but it loves. 心不在它生活的地方,而在它所爱的地方。

  11、I have always loved you,but you do not know. 我一直深爱着你,只是你不知道而已。

  12、am strong,therefore I am. 我坚强,故我在。

  13、Some people will never be forgotten while some are always substitutes. 有些人永远不会被遗忘,有些人永远只是代替品。

  14、I'm just actors, always in someone else's story, his tears flow. 我只是个戏子,永远在别人的故事里,流着自己的眼泪。

  15、Can your self-esteem and my stubborn reconciliation? 你的自尊能和我的倔强和好如初吗?

  16、Well, not that emotional, but I move the heart. 说好了不动情,我却动了心。

  17、Don't ever pretend to be living well.No one really cares. 千万不必假装过得很好,因为没有多少人在乎。

  18、Don't put a limit on anything. The more you dream the farther you get. 别禁锢了自己,梦想越大走得越远。摘自:短美文www.duanmeiwen.com

  19、The sun dried the tears I miss you. 阳光擦干了我思念你的泪水。(.)

  20、I wait for you to come back. 我等你回来。

  21、Those that have gone won't come back again.Those coming back are no longer perfect. 过去的不再回来,回来的不再完美。

  22、Memory is the hourglass of time, slowly become memories of old. 回忆是时间的沙漏,回忆慢慢变的苍老。

  23、Be true to your work , your word , and your friend. 真心对待你的工作,你的言辞,和你的朋友。

  24、ou may be out of my sight, but never out of my mind. 你也许已走出我的视线,但从未走出我的思念。

  25、Love one another and you will be happy. It's as simple and as difficult as that. 彼此相爱就是幸福。如此简单,如此难。

  26、love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I with you. 我爱你,不是因为你是一个怎样的人,而是因为我喜欢与你在一起时的感觉。

  27、I know it seems that only love what you are trained to live up to what extent. 似乎只有我自己知道爱你到什么程度受过什么辜负。

  28、Never deprive someone of hope; it might be all they have. 永远不要剥夺别人的希望,也许那是他们唯一所有。

  29、Not tears can restore the lost, not everyone is worth your pay. 并不是眼泪就能挽回失去,并不是所有人都值得你付出。

  30、Life always offers you a second chance. It is called tomorrow. 生活总会给你第二次机会。

  31、All is only you completely. 所有全部只是你。

  32、One day someone will walk into your life, then you realize love was always worth waiting for. 有一天那个人走进了你的生命,你就会明白,真爱总是值得等待的。

  33、Of all the lies I have heard ,I love U was my favourite. 听过所有谎言中,我最喜欢那句“I love U”。

  34、The only to commandeer a man can be violent memories, is the live?better. 唯一可以强横地霸占一个男人的回忆的,就是活得更好。

  35、I never stopped loving you, I just stopped showing it. 我对你的爱从来没有停止,只是我不再让别人知道而已。

  36、Bold cry, tears the heart drug. 大胆哭出来,眼泪是心毒。

  37、Mistake is temporary regret but missing is the forever one. 过错是暂时的遗憾,而错过则是永远的遗憾。

  38、Miss as miss, miss read as offering, the chief read do not read. 想念不如怀念,怀念不如祭念,祭念不如不念。

  39、Some people, strong memories, faded relationships. 有些人,浓了回忆,淡了关系。

  40、I’ve finally found that life goes on without you. 最后我终于发现,没有你,我的生活还是照样在转。

  41、I just want to hug you so much right now. 我真的好想现在就拥抱你。

  42、I want us to be together. 我要我们在一起。


  44、I love seeing old couples that are still in love. 我喜欢看那些还在相爱的老头老太太们。

  45、The thorough revenge is to forgive and forget. 最彻底的报复,是原谅和遗忘。

  46、We now state, is the last before the break reserved. 我们现在的状态是分手前的最后的矜持。

  47、I really fucking love you. 我真他妈爱你。

  48、Take me to your heart. 带我去你心里。

  49、The acquired any reason to ask you, have a permanence is only a short do. 该拿什么理由问你,曾经的天长地久只是短暂的吗?

  50、We are not dou landlord, lost, gave up to lose but joy beans. 我们之间不是斗地主,输了放弃了失去的只是欢乐豆。

  51、Love is like an hourglass, with the heart filling up as the brain empties. 爱情就像沙漏,心满了,脑子。

  52、Sometimes you miss the memories, not the person. 有时候,你想念的是记忆,不是人。

  53、Maybe for those that have been missed,they are fated to be this way. 也许那些错过的,是因为注定就要错过。

  54、There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.--Beverly Sills. 任何值得去的地方,都没有捷径。

  55、you are nothing to me. 你对我什么都不是。

  56、Sometimes it is better to be alone. Nobody can hurt you. 有时候,孤单一个人反而更好,没人伤害得了你。

  57、I will wait for you until I have no more reason to wait anymore. 我会一直等你,直到没有再等下去的理由。(.)

  58、We read the world wrong and say that it deceives us. 我们看错了世界,却说世界欺骗了我们。

  59、Laugh, make, quarrel, cry, now I need is indifferent. 笑过,闹过,吵过,哭过,如今我需要的是冷漠。

  60、And you will not retain my chosen one go. 我最不会挽留而你们一个个偏要走。

  61、I’m counting the days till I see you again. 每天我这样数着日子,直到我们再次相见。

  62、To forget sb is pretty easy.Just don't see him/her,don't be a contemptible wretch. 忘记一个人挺简单:不要见,不要贱。

  63、Laugh Until You Cry; Cry Until You Laugh . 笑到终于哭出来;哭到终于笑出来。

  64、If not so much silence, so why would we go to such a point. 如果没有那么多的沉默,我们何必又会走到这样的地步。

  65、Life's like a play: It's not the length,but the excellence of the acting that matters. 生命?如同一个剧本:重要的不是它有多长而是演出是否精彩。

  66、Crouch down,hold your knees when you are depressed.Forgive others and yourself. 郁闷的时候蹲下来抱抱自己,原谅别人也原谅自己。

  67、Be nice to people on the way up, because you'll need them on your way down. 向上爬时,对遇到的人好点,因为掉下来时,你还会遇到他们。

  68、Lost In dreams and reality. 在梦想和现实中迷失了。

  69、I did not catch you when you pass you do not stop. 擦肩而过时我没有拉住你你也没有停留。

  70、Love, but not to talk, from no words to say nothing. 爱情,不过是从无话不谈,到无话可说。

  71、The less you give a damn, the happier you will be. 你越不在乎,你就越快乐。

  72、If all are the play, why should we played a less realistic. 如果一切都是戏。我们何必演的那么逼真。

  73、I can be your hero. 我可以是你的英雄。

  74、There is a stare look on with a disregard called called silent care. 有一种凝望叫作冷眼旁观,有一种无视叫作默默关怀。

  75、Ordinary people merely think how they shall spend their time,a man of talent tries to use it. 普通人只想到如何度过时间,有才能的人设法利用时间。

  76、I am not a princess, can not enjoy you love. 我不是公主,享受不了你王子的爱。

  77、The wind blows away the thoughts, rolled up unruly time. 被风吹散的思念,卷起不羁的时间。

  78、I am your traveler, you are my heart. 我是你的过客,你却是我的心。

  79、I walked, in a smile, please look through me. 我走,在有笑容的时候,请把我表情看透。

  80、Sometimes there is no way out exlep. 有时候,除了说再见,别无选择。

  81、No one will care about you too much unless you're pretty or dying. 没有人会太关心你 除非你很漂亮或濒临死亡。

  82、I love you more each day as time goes by. 随着时间的流失我一天比一天更爱你。

  83、We are not sure whether some people are good or not.They can not be replaced,though. 有的人说不清哪里好,但就是谁都代替不了。

  84、Wherever you go, whatever you do, I will be right here waiting for you. 无论你身在何处,无论你为何忙碌,我都会在此守候。

  85、Some pain can not tell until you can slowly forget. 有些痛说不出来只能忍着直到能够慢慢淡忘。

  86、Love is an unknown place that no saying from all around the worldcan explain. 爱情是用全世界所有的名言都无法解释的未知世界。

  87、I love him most crazy with a bang. 我爱他轰轰烈烈最疯狂。

  88、I want to make you happy ! 我想让你幸福快乐!

  89、Some people are worth melting for. 有些人值得我融化。

  90、Maybe people have always lost look very pale in fact also sad when you lose. 或许拥有的人总是把失去看得很淡其实你失去时也会心痛的。

  91、I know you will be always here. 我知道你将会永远陪在我身边。

  92、I am your irrelevant, you are one of my beginning and end. 我是你的无关痛痒,你是我的一始而终。

  93、I thought I got rid of you. 我以为我把你放下了。

  94、Someday you will understand,were the first to love yourself. 总有一天你会明白,人首先要爱自己。

  95、Never once called permanence. 曾经的永远,叫天长地久。

  96、If the fickle into good forget, I think I'll more kind. 如果把善变变成善忘,我想我会更善良。

  97、I love to be loved by you. 我愿意你爱我。

  98、Simply to silence, do not leave free and easy. 索性就沉默,别再假洒脱。

  99、The fragmentation of the separation, this is you want to end. 支离破碎的分离,这是不是你要的结局。

  100、I can only love you one, because I have only got a full of love. 我只能爱你一次因为我只有一次完整的爱。

  101、Those have most power to hurt us, that we love. 我们所爱的人,却最具有伤害我们的力量。

  102、I just want a warm embrace and nothing more. 我只是想要一个温暖的怀抱仅此而已。

  103、All lives end,all hearts are broken. 生命都会终结,徒留一颗破碎的心。

  104、Ce n'est pas jamais, jamais oublier que, une fois. 到不了的就是永远, 忘不了的就是曾经。

  105、Keep long hair love red eyes through love. 留过长发爱过烂人红过眼睛看透爱情。

  106、Don't ask why,ask oneself more with what. 别问别人为什么,多问自己凭什么。

  107、The life I have a splash of biack. 生活溅了我一身黑狗血。

  108、Because when young, with a total want of good in the future. 只因那时年少,总把未来想的太好。

  109、I trust the people who teach me not to trust anyone. 我最信任的人 教会了我 不要相信任何人。

  110、All of life is an act of letting go,but what hurts the most is not taking a moment to say goodbye. 人生就是不断地放下,但令人痛心的是,没来得及好好与他们道别。

  111、Everyone is happy. But, your happiness, often in the eyes of others. 每个人都是幸福的。只是,你的幸福,常常在别人眼里。

  112、Don't fear you forsake, just afraid of losing you. 不是怕你丢弃,只是怕失去你。

  113、Memory is a wonderful thing if you don't have to deal with the past. 回忆本来是非常美好的,只要你能让过去的都过去。

  114、We are afraid of losing but never did learn to cherish. 我们害怕失去却始终没学会珍惜。

  115、Know that you are ten thousand person of light which dare to expect you just shine for me. 深知你是万人之光哪敢奢望你只为我发光。

  116、Sometimes our hearts just need time to accept what our heads already know. 有时候,虽然能想明白,但心里就是接受不了。

  117、If you love somebody, don't let them slip away. 若爱一个人 就别让他从你身边溜走。

  118、Who is able to be egotistical needs to be strong too. 有本事任性的人,也会有本事坚强。

  119、Emancipate urself from ur past. The only way to move forward is to stop looking back! 把自己从过去解放出来,前进的唯一方法是别往后看。

  120、Each afraid to love woman, must have deep love. Looks like the poison not invade, actually had the poison assault body. 每一个不敢再爱的女人,一定很深的爱过。看起来好象百毒不侵,其实早已百毒侵身。

  121、I have ten thousand kinds of reasons to want to love you less now you can love an excuse. 我有一万种想爱你的理由现在却少了一种能爱你的借口。

  122、My hand not forget the temperature of your hand. 我的手忘不掉你手的温度。

  123、The net closely but buckle not forever. 十指紧扣却扣不住天长地久。

  124、Behind the ornate.Not the vicissitudes of life.But dirty.

  125、I finally know, I every minute of every second is a person. 我终于知道了,我的每一分每一秒都是一个人。

  126、Are you afraid to test the heart, because I was afraid I was still in disgrace. 不敢去试探你心里是否还有我, 因为我怕是在自取其辱。

  127、You cannot appreciate happiness?you have known sadness too. 不知道什么是忧伤,就不会真正感激幸福。

  128、Love is a kind of chance encounter, and one can neither waiting nor preparing for it. 爱是一种遇见,不能等待,也不能准备。

  129、If only you knew how much I think of you. 假如你知道我有多想念你那该多好。

  130、I always put you seriously as a kind of joke. Because I was afraid of losing nothing. 我总是把你们的认真当成一种玩笑。因为我害怕失去罢了。

  131、No matter how bad things get, something good is out there, just over the horizon. 不管事情变得多坏,在不远的地方,相信总会有一些美好即将来临。

  132、Even if the future situat I will always be at your. 总是未来风云万变,我始终会在你身边。

  133、Stepping forward can't finish the distance while going backwards can't get rid of the memory. 前进走不完距离,后退走不出回忆。

  134、Sometimes there is no way out exlept to say goodbye. 有时候除了说再见,别无选择。

  135、Sometimes our vision clears only after our eyes are washed away with ears. 有时候,惟有一场眼泪,我们才彻底清晰了视线。

  136、What you see reflects what your heart is like. 你看到什么样的世界,你就拥有什么样的内心。

  137、Explanation is unnecessary, because people know you do not need it. 解释永远是多余的,因为懂你的人不需要它。

  138、A contented mind is the greatest blessing a man can enjoy in this world. 知足是人生在世最大的幸事。

  139、Even to the end of the dream, please let me happy. 就算是到了梦的尽头,也请让我感到幸福。

  140、Do you know what’s so hard about being too strong? Nobody might care to ask if you are OK. 你知道太过坚强的后果是什么吗?是没人会关心地问你一句“你还好吗”。

  141、Wh you live for love. 当你为爱而活。

  142、I smile too long didn't practice, maybe you forgot. 我的微笑太久没练习,也许你早已忘记。

  143、What does not kill you makes you stronger. 任何不会致你于死的都会让你变得更强。

  144、When there's no expectation,losing won't bring hurt,gaining makes you surprised. 不去期望,失去了不会伤心,得到了便是惊喜。(.)

  145、Only miss the sun when it starts to snow. 只有在开始下雪时才会想念阳光。

  146、Go most urgent, is the most beautiful scenery; hurt the most are always the most real emotions. 走得最急的,都是最美的风景;伤得最深的,也总是那些最真的感情。

  147、You said I believed you. 你说过,我信过。

  148、Someday you will understand, were the first to love yourself. 总有一天你会明白,人首先要爱自己。

  149、For a moment, can remember many things, also missed a lot. 那一刻,能记得许多事,也错过了很多。

  150、Love, living things, is you let me know! 爱情,扯淡的东西,是你让我懂得!

  151、I think I miss you less and less as every day goes by. 我想随着一天天过去,我对你的思念也在一天天淡去。

  152、Happy, is looks for a warm person for a lifetime. 幸福,就是找一个温暖的人过一辈子。

  153、Because of love, I began to fear. 因为喜欢,我开始变得胆怯。

  154、If love is misunderstanding, who let I can return to perfect. 如果爱是场误会,谁让我能回到完美。

  155、Close your eyes, and see yourself, you are clearly visible. 闭上眼,看不见自己,你却清晰可见。

  156、If love is the representative of the happiness, that what is happiness. 如果说爱情是幸福的代表,那幸福又是什么。

  157、Love is not a matter of counting the days. It's making the days count. 爱情不是数着日子过去,它让每个日子都变得有意义。

  158、Life doesn't get easier, you just get stronger. 生活从未变得轻松,是你在一点一点变得坚强。

  159、Don't look back, just haven't found leave your reasons. 不回头,只是还没找到留下的理由。

  160、Slowly that really care for another often hurt myself. 慢慢的才知道,太在乎别人了往往会伤害自己。

  161、No need to abandon their own people more than tears desperate not born. 没必要为了抛弃自己的人就流泪不止心死不生。

  162、If you remember me, then I don't care if everyone else forgets. 只要你记得我,我不介意整个世界都把我遗忘了。

  163、You said, love is too deep but don't let their destruction. 你说过,爱的太深却不要让自己沉沦。

  164、I want to be his favorite hello and his hardest goodbye. 我要成为他最心动的相遇,最不舍的离别。

  165、I hope I can find the one who is afraid for losing me. 我希望找到一个,担心失去我的人。

  166、I want someone afraid of losing me. 我希望有个人会害怕失去我。

  167、Betray me, I will let you have nothing. 出卖我,我将让你一无所有。

  168、Because I like, so reluctantly, not so much why. 因为喜欢,所以情愿,没有那么多为什么。

  169、I always say yes and mean no that you think that I was strong. 我总是口是心非以至于你认为我很坚强。

  170、What you are you do not see, what you see is your shadow. 你看不见你自己,你所看见的只是你的影子。

  171、My love will shine. 我的爱人会发光。

  172、I'm laughing somehow or other.Just because I'm thinking of you. 我莫名其妙地笑了,原来只因为想到了你。

  173、Just this I finally gave up the chase for you, I decided to let you free. 就在刚刚我终于放弃了对你的追逐,我决定放你自由。

  174、Time Is a Great Thing, Can Let Fate Displaced Within Iraq. 时间真是个伟大的东西啊可以让命运颠沛流离。

  175、If he's stupid enough to walk away, be smart enough to let him go. 能被别人抢的走的男人,都不是你的Mr. Right。

  176、Do you know when you need I will break my neck to summer. 你知道当你需要的夏天我会拼了命努力。

  177、At the beginning blazing heart Long silence. 当初炽热的心早已沉默。

  178、Do not finish the dream will only let us hardly wished to live. 做不完的梦只会让我们痛不欲生。

  179、Time won't ease your pain but let you get used to it. 时间不是让人忘了痛,而是让人习惯了痛。

  180、Owe you too much, just enough to love. Give you too much, you just enough to cherish. 欠你的太多,只是不够爱。给你的太多,只是你不够珍惜。

  181、Sometimes life presents us situations that we cannot change, we must just face them and accept things the way they are,and you'll find the most beautiful rainbow after the storm. 有时候生活会给我们一些无法改变的难题,我们只能选择勇敢地面对,等风雨过去,你会收获最美的彩虹。

  182、Since you unintentionally I should let it go. 你既然无心,我也该放手。

  183、Time does not dye,Memories do not light. 时光不染,回忆不淡。

  184、I created you concede the fact that I do not have to love again perfunctory explanation. 我的退让造就了你们相爱的事实我不必再敷衍再解释。

  185、Remember that if you get through yesterday, you'll get through today. 昨天若是都过去了,那还有什么过不去的明天。

  186、Why is this once, only once in without you. 为什么又是这样的曾经,只不过曾经里没有你。

  187、I've tried my last bit of energy, just as you bloomed sunflower smile. 我用尽最后一丝力气,只为你绽放向日葵一样的笑容

  188、Lopsided, and eventually became seen. 渐行渐远,终成不见。

  189、In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities. 在梦境和爱情里,没有事情是不可能的。

  190、I regret to see you again become a starting point discrete. 我后悔去见了你一面成了离散的起点。

  191、What good method, can let the lonely become obedient. 有没有什么好办法能让寂寞变听话。

  192、Every time a good night, feeling each other's feelings. 每一次晚安,感受着彼此的情感。

  193、I'm not ignoring you. I'm just waiting for you to talk to me first. 我不是不理你,我只是在等你先开口。

  194、Laugh, and the world laughs with you; weep, and you weep alone. 你笑,全世界陪你笑;你哭,惟独你一个人哭。

  195、Better by far you should forget and smile than that you should remember and be sad. 与其伤心回忆,不如微笑遗忘。

  196、You can fake a smile, but you can't fake your feelings. 你可以强颜欢笑,但你无法欺骗自己。

  197、When you relinquish the desire to control your future, you can have more happiness. 当你放弃了对自己未来的控制,你就能拥有更多的幸福。

  198、Please send me to stay in the best time. 请把我留在最好的时光里。

  199、Sorry,I forgot.You don’t need me anymore. 对不起,我忘了,你已经不再需要我了。

  200、Almost could not help but shed tears several times, but do not know what to feel. 好几次差点忍不住的落泪,却不知道感触些什么。

  201、The best of me to you. 给你最好的我。

  202、Story eventually, i can only one man looked at the memory of the nicety lost. 故事的最终,我只能一个人。

  203、Sometimes the so-called love, only funny acacia. 有时所谓的日久生情,结果只是可笑单相思。

  204、I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet. 我因为没鞋穿而哭泣,直到我遇见了一个没有脚的人。

  205、My heart is not openhours, not the restaurant at any time, welcome to. 我的心不是小时营业的餐厅,没有随时的欢迎光临。

  206、Until you are happy with who you are, you will never be happy with what you have. 如果你对自己不满意,你也不会对你所拥有的感到满意。

  207、You can fake a smile, but you can't fake your feelings. 你可以强颜欢笑,但你无法欺骗自己。

  208、And what comes to-morrow who can say. 誰能说出明天会是何种光景。

  209、In place waiting for one person, may not have thought about, maybe that person had been there long forgotten here. 在原地等着一个人,可没有想过,也许那个人早就忘记曾经来过这里。

  210、Who is able to be egotistical needs to be strong too. 有本事任性的人,也会有本事坚强。

  211、Pack out really is worse than promiscuous. 装出来的真心比滥情更可怕。

  212、A man is not old until his regrets take place of his dreams . 只有当遗憾取代了梦想,人才算老。

  213、Happiness is just on my hands, and even lost sense of direction, but still not afraid. 幸福就是只要牵对了手,就算失去了方向感,但仍然不会害怕。

  214、Although the relationship is no longer as concerned about it, but how can you say broken off. 关系虽然不再一样,关心却怎么能说断就断。

  215、Things do not change,we change. 世界没变,是我们变了。

  216、Time is the fault of fatalistic testimony people. 时光的宿命就是见证人们的过错。

  217、The coming days would be long. After all, not to the grey-haired. 来日方长,终究长不到白发苍苍。

  218、The past is all gone.Being happy is the top priority. 过去了就过去了,重要的是自己要快乐。

  219、In fact, there are a lot of feelings are about you, but you never noticed. 其实有很多心情都是关于你,只是你从没注意过。

  220、A cat has nine lives onil in one. 猫有九命也只有一心而已。

  221、Smiling, not because happiness too long, is too long time forgot to sorrow. 面带微笑,不是因为快乐太长,是太长的时间忘了悲伤。

  222、All in all, just past. Ever had, only memories. 一切的一切,只是过去。曾经的曾经,只是回忆。

  223、The time that you are my most fatal. 时光深知你是我最致命的爱人。

  224、When I started has become a kind of cautious person. 我是什么时候开始也变成了那种小心翼翼的人。